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We play Who's Who with pivots

We use the transparent plates (ref 453) under which we will place our sheet, and we will also use pivots (Ref 475). The LADO grab bars with 2 and 4 legs (Ref 489) give a lot of play because they allow the faces to be completely covered with a single pivot. . To create the sheet we use a base that we have in pdf ( Click here to download it). On this base we will paste the photos of our family or friends. (Doing it with your children's class friends, now that they've been apart for so long is also a lot of fun) . Once we have the complete sheet, we make two copies and put one under...

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We play Boats with SIDE Pivots

Do you have Octopuses and Octopuses LADO? Do you know that apart from everything you do with them you can also play the Boats? We tell you how... 1. The game consists of sinking the opponent's fleet. To do this, each player must place their own ships strategically and find and sink the opposing ships with their shots. 2. Each of the players has: - 1 transparent perforated plate. - 9 boats (2 octopus, 3 octopus and 4 octopus of the same color). - 1 Sheet, which we must print, with the grid of the playing fields. (Download file here ) - 18 black squids to mark the opponent's ships sunk or touched and blue squids to mark the hits...

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