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If you have arrived here it is because you have our Suitcase of Drawings in front of you to click.

If so, congratulations because you have before you the best material for the development of:

Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The LADO Pivots are designed so that when children pick them up, they grasp them in a pincer shape, it is the so-called “digital pincer”.

The "digital gripper" consists of the voluntary and precise control of the index finger and thumb to pick up and handle objects in a practical and efficient way.
Reinforcing the digital clamp is of the utmost importance in school learning, especially to properly grasp the pencil from the beginning.

Many children take it inappropriately because they have not developed enough strength and dexterity in the digital clamp, which is why playing with these materials is so important.

You will be impressed by what a child and their imagination can do with this material, but if at any time you need more ideas, do not hesitate to consult the Guide to new models that is included in the suitcase. Or download it by clicking on this image:

The material that is included in the suitcase can also be used to play other games like the ones we propose in our Blog . Here we give you access to one of them: WE PLAY BOATS

Finally, we want to remind you that the family of LADO Pivots is very wide , and therefore the pivots and plates of this case can be used in combination with other materials so that you can expand the activities you do with them. Therefore, with your plates you will be able to:

- Make Geoboards with our small pivots and rubber bands.

Click on this link to see the small pivots with which you can build your geoboards. Ref 460

- And make 3D Volume assemblies with our octopuses and pulpits.

Click on this link to see the packages of octopuses and pulpits. Ref 488 and 489

The LADO OCTOPUS are the only pivots that you can find that have several legs and that, in addition, can be hooked on each other.
This means that children will have to apply themselves with greater precision and concentration to puncture the Octopuses on the plates, which will promote a more complete development of their fine motor skills.

At the same time, the design of the head of the octopuses that ends in a single pivot facilitates the strengthening of the digital forceps, by grasping them naturally with the index finger and thumb in forceps.

OCTOPUS can also be placed on top of each other face up and face down. They are held in a thousand ways, due to their shape they are also hooked with their legs up.
With them you can build assemblies in three dimensions.

All these combinations make them really attractive for the child who will work on their hidden-manual coordination without hardly realizing it, while developing creativity.

We can only thank you for using our material and if you have a minute, don't forget to rate our product on our website so that other people like you can learn about your experience.

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