Bag, bag, what operation do you give me?

The next idea that we present to you is played in pairs.


- Your LADO strips

- I learn to calculate worksheets

- And Two sacks, bags or opaque boxes. In one we will put rulers and in the other I learn to calculate chips. These tiles will not be loose but forming addends or subtrahends: We give you examples: +2, -3

I learn to calculate LADO , I learn to calculate LADO

Game form:

SIDE strips Each player takes 10 rulers, one of each color, and places them in front of them. Between player and player we place the two bags. By lot they decide who starts first (for example who gets the highest operation).

The child who is starting puts a hand in each bag and takes a ruler from one bag and an operation from the other. Example of the image: Take out the pink ruler (the 4) and the operation +3. He mentally performs the operation and if his opponent has the exact rule that results from that operation (in this case 7, the Black rule), he takes it away and continues playing. If you don't have it, it's your turn.

Work with LADO strips

He who keeps all the opponent's rules wins.

We accumulate the rules and operations outside until we no longer have them inside the bag, at which time we will put them back, stirring the bag a little so that they mix.

In addition, we can also speed up the game by allowing the child to steal not only when the opponent has the exact rule resulting from the operation, but also when he can add several of the opponent's rules to obtain said result.

Game Variants:

- To facilitate it in case of playing with small children we will use simple operations cards.

- To complicate it we can introduce cards with more complicated operations such as multiplications, divisions, etc.

- We will also be able to play in a group, in which case the one whose turn it is, will be able to steal the rule from the player on his left or from all the players who are participating. There it will be the tutor or teacher who decides how to play.


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