Shall we play decompose?

Today we present you a game to practice NUMERICAL DECOMPOSITION with rulers and gain agility.


- 2 game panels . We take two sheets and create the following two game panels. In one we indicate the numbers that we want to decompose and in another the criteria that the decomposition must have. Then we put each one in a cardboard box or on the sides of our LADO suitcase so that they are delimited.
(By clicking on the images you can download the pdf of these two models.)
- Two tokens (whatever they are, two stoppers or two erasers) that will serve as indicators.

Game format: We throw a token on each side of the suitcase at the same time, and we obtain a number to decompose and a criterion that we must meet to decompose it.

We give you an example. We have thrown away our chips and it has come out that we have to break down the number 19 with 4 rules. For this reason we will take our rulers and first we will represent 19, to then break it down with only 4 rulers.

To this we can then add questions such as: Can we do more decompositions of 19 with 4 rules? How many? Do as many as you can think of. And thus enter into a debate with the children making them think.

We can play individually, or in competition, adding the incentive to see who does it first.

As you can see, the difficulty of the exercise depends on the decomposition criteria that we set. In many cases, the number that comes out cannot be decomposed following the criteria that has been touched, therefore the child must realize it as quickly as possible and tell us why it cannot be decomposed like this.

The child will gain agility and confidence in his ability to decompose.

See you in the next article. Thanks for reading us!!

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