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Here is the article that the School Material Test Blog wrote in 2009 about Ladrillos-LADO (Article)

Ladrillo LADO

The LADO brick, an indisputable classic :

If this blog was born with a purpose, it is to compare products. It may be that our readers wonder why and it is that today you may not look at more than the price. That is why today we are going to talk about Lado products. The company Lado was created in 1988 in Spain, it is located in the community of Madrid and is dedicated to manufacturing psychomotor material, publishing, educational plastic toys, etc...
Fame came from the hand of the brick, we are not talking about the speculation to which we are accustomed, but it is about bricks that are used for the child to develop the imagination and carry out constructions. The shape and size of these bricks are faithful to the real ones but their weight is minimal. The real difference between this and the bricks of the competition is simply, if enjoying this quality can be considered a simple thing, quality. But beware that we are talking about QUALITY with capital letters.
I know of these bricks that are capable of lasting several decades, cases in which nursery schools have lasted 20 years, and it is difficult to find a consumer of this product who has not been truly satisfied. On the contrary, we have to warn that this product has a much higher price than that of the competition. But it goes without saying that the duration of these is not even half, and we have to take into account that the resistance of a product for a nursery school must be essential since the use is more intensive than in a private home . This is why, although the price is expensive, it could be said that the quality it offers us may be worth it.
In this blog there will always be this divergence: Quality or price? Sometimes the quality is worth more and in others, when being able to replace branded products with similar products and of similar quality, the price will be essential. But honestly, I don't consider this to be the case. Today, the quality that Lado offers in its bricks has not been achieved, or at least we do not know it, by other houses.
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