Don't repeat the Father's Day gift every year...

Why not make some simple coasters, give a new image to a recycled boat, or make a beautiful pencil case/necessary bag? These are some of the ideas that we give you for the crafts in which they put the most love... Father's and Mother's Day are approaching! Share this article with a teacher who gives us their opinion and we will send you some coasters for you.


Colored coasters to avoid staining the tables. original coasters


  • Colored plastic tapes.
  • A wooden toothpick to start rolling the Ribbon
  • Scotch tape.


We will start by rolling the Ribbon around a toothpick.

When we have several turns, we will remove the toothpick and continue rolling. We must make sure to adjust the Tape very strongly. When we want to change color, we simply have to glue the tape with which we are working to the new one and continue rolling as before. (You can do it by joining it with glue or a small tape, when you take the next turn it will be tight).

When we have the desired size we will glue the end of the tape so that it does not come loose. (You can stick it with any quick glue)

Get your tapes here

And remember, share this article with a teacher who gives us their opinion and we'll send you some coasters for you. (See our model guide for other ideas)
Why don't we line the jars we have at home? They could be vases or simply a much nicer kitchen pot
See more ideas at

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