Who is who? Play with your logic blocks...

We will play in pairs. With a ring we will delimit the game board of each player. In each ring we will put a set of varied blocks.

Each child is assigned 5 attribute tokens, which together define a single logical block. The opponent will not be able to see these tiles and must guess which block of his hoop is the one defined by those 5 attributes. To do this, children must ask themselves questions to discard blocks. For example: Is my block of medium size? o Is my block red? To which you can only answer with a Yes or a No.

Who's who, logic blocks
(Each child will stand on one side of the rings, covering their attribute tokens so that the opponent does not see them. We must make sure that the logical block that each child must find is among all the added blocks on their board/ring. )

In this way, the children will ask themselves questions and discard from their hoop those blocks that do not adhere to what was answered by their classmate, until they only have the corresponding logical block. Whoever finds it out first wins.

This game requires concentration and double attention on the part of the child , who on the one hand must find out what his hidden block is and on the other (and without mixing attributes) answer his partner's questions about his block.

Depending on the level and age of the child , we can facilitate the game by working only with one ring and assigning a role to each child:
- One must interpret the attribute cards and give the answers
- And the other ask the questions and locate the hidden block.


  • Perceiving quality of shape, color, size, thickness and texture.
  • Recognize variables in elements of a set


  • Perception and Visual Discrimination
  • Logic reasoning
  • sensory memory


  • Logic Blocks and LADO Attributes Ref 221 or Ref 226 and 229

Logical blocks and LADO attributes

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