At LADO we reinforce our commitment to the environment by betting on photovoltaic solar energy.

e4e solutions and LADO Didactic Material united for the environment

Since 1980, in LADO Didactic Material , we have been committed to offering the best service to our clients, betting on the quality of our products. Experience has led us to be specialists in the design and manufacture of teaching material for younger children, as a result of the demand that we have imposed on ourselves, our products are renowned for their quality and educational purpose. Since then, with a lot of effort and work, we have managed to position ourselves and be a reference in the sector. For this reason, our family business has a human size to privilege contact and the effectiveness of our products.

Starting today, we are going one step further in terms of sustainability, reinforcing our commitment, both with our team and with society. The scenario requires new challenges, and that is why we want to position ourselves at the forefront of what our children, clients and society demand, committed to photovoltaic solar energy as a renewable source for the daily development of our activity.

photovoltaic plant

Hand in hand with E4e Soluciones engineering and thanks to its photovoltaic self-consumption solutions for companies, we have installed a photovoltaic self-consumption plant in our facilities, which will make us a benchmark in the sector, as well as a pioneer in a project of such magnitude , consolidating our as a leading company committed to the environment and the challenges of the 2030 Agenda.

E4e Solutions

The installation of solar panels for self-consumption is a personal bet in our involvement towards a new energy scenario . With this, we contribute our grain of sand by cooperating in the construction of a greener future. The photovoltaic panels will reduce annually up to a total of 27.8 Tons of CO2 which, throughout the life of the plant, which ranges from 35 years, will be 973 tons of CO2 not emitted into the atmosphere, which is equivalent to planting a forest of 773 trees .

But not only that, with the project we also achieve day-to-day efficiency in the exploitation of our activity, since thanks to the agreement with E4e Soluciones our electricity bill will be substantially reduced by 70% per year .

Our way of understanding the world

We assume this project as an exercise of internal and external responsibility . On the one hand, those of us who integrate LADO Didactic Material feel that we are humbly collaborating with the future that we want to leave to our future generations and, on the other, generating a great positive impact at a social and environmental level in our environment.

In our more than 40 years of activity, we have followed a flexible line of development that is adjustable to each economic and social context, demonstrating our commitment and awareness towards the environment and children.

With this project, our way of understanding the world and our children is reinforced. We make our customers' concerns our own , ensuring a quality service and product.

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