Rules for primary school seniors

We love using the LADO Rules for their wide variety of activities and objectives when it comes to assimilating numbers and their properties. Many times they are only associated with the early childhood stage, but our experience shows us that they are also very useful for the acquisition of other more abstract contents that are touched throughout the entire primary education.

Today we are going to work on the concepts of mode, median and mean , which are usually seen in the last year of Primary School.
Jose Angel Murcia, He shows us how in this fantastic video he plays the racing game, with a paper base that you can draw yourselves as you like. It is about rolling the dice for each player and adding the corresponding rule until reaching the goal.

As the goal is reached, you can analyze which is the rule that appears the most (mode), order the rules and see what the median is and calculate the average of all of them.

To carry out this game we will need:
- A box of Rules. LADO's fractional and numbered rules will help you understand and demonstrate many mathematical concepts.
- A paper with the start and the goal.
- A dice from 1 to 10, or two and we add their results in each throw.



  • Isabel

    Muchísimas gracias Carmen.

  • Carmen

    Es estupendo vuestro trabajo!!!

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