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From experience we know that new technologies arouse the curiosity of students, while increasing their motivation, interest, and attention by promoting learning by discovery, thanks to the direct participation of the child.

"Motivation is the lever of the will and this is essential to develop talent" (Javier Tourón)
In the case of new technologies, this phrase is applicable to both students and teachers, who, once they have lost their fear of change, feel motivated by the wide range of possibilities offered by new technologies, discovering new resources and introducing them into their teaching system in the classroom.

The new technologies are a stimulating and facilitative medium for learning, but it requires extensive didactic content developed with a purpose and pedagogical structure , so as not to fall into its simplest use as a video and music player.

This is how the “LADO digital methods were born as structured and developed educational resources, with logic and order. These methods use digital media as a complementary work system to the specific material, to enrich the content and implementation of the curricular teachings.

This work system allows children to participate more actively in the construction of their knowledge , through the use of complete but very flexible pedagogical methods, which the teacher makes available to them through the digital whiteboard or any other technological support.

Students "learn by doing" since we know that new technologies not only facilitate the educational process, but also develop habits, strategies and skills necessary for the world in which we find ourselves immersed.

The “LADO digital methods are:

  • Ideal for multi-sensory learning: introduce students to concepts through new and multiple channels to stimulate their senses. (physical medium/concrete material and digital medium/interactive material)
  • Attractive for children, both aesthetically and functionally so that it attracts their attention, inviting them to interact with them.
  • Appropriate to the evolutionary moment of the child and adapted to their aptitudes, characteristics and needs.
  • Affordable and manipulable so that children can use them autonomously and independently.
  • That enhance and favor motor, cognitive, affective and social activity when used in conjunction with the specific LADO material.

Get to know these "LADO digital methods " for infants and primary schools and become part of the community of teachers who make the most of their digital media.

Digital Method for Logical Blocks - LADO : It provides the teacher and the student with an infinite number of activities to reason, reason, reflect, think, speak and act with order and logic through the Logical Blocks. These digital and manipulative activities introduce students to logical activities of observation, analysis and comparison. The trial-hit and trial-error mechanisms will be the pillars on which logical-mathematical reasoning is based. Find out more at:

Digital Method for Rules - SIDE : Find an endless number of exercises for the introduction to pre-numerical activities, knowledge and the real value of numbers, their composition and decomposition and the meaning of basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) among other activities. Find out more at:

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