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At LADO we are Publishers and Manufacturers of Didactic Material .
The definition of didactic material is: "Materials and equipment that help us to present and develop the contents and that the students work with them for the construction of significant learning."
For this reason, the pedagogical content of our materials is one of the pillars of the brand. Thus, LADO becomes the brand that currently gives the most importance to this factor.
In each edition we give a twist to all the educational resources, to get the best out of them for the classroom.
An example of this is our Logic Blocks. Always respecting the traditional, LADO adds new attributes to its Logical Blocks so that the teacher can squeeze even more out of his activities with this material, also being able to enter into concepts such as the hexagonal shape, the green color and the medium size. (Concepts not seen by other manufacturers.)
The LADO Material is always accompanied by a Pedagogical Use Guide for the teacher/tutor or parent.
Why not do it if we have the means?
Why settle for basic material, if you have the most complete?
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