Download your Digital Method of Rules-LADO.

You already have your LADO Strips in front. Now you can download the only Digital Method to get the most out of the Rules.

First choose your device :


windows 32 bit

windows 64 bit

mac 64 bit


iPad & Android

Once the download is complete, a Windows security alert may appear for not being a common download program. Ignore it, your computer is safe, so click 'Save' or 'More info' followed by 'Run anyway'.

In the following link you can consult the installation instructions of the application.

Installation Instructions

Once the installation is complete you will find an icon on your desktop. By double clicking on it and entering your user account, you will start the application whenever you want.

Remember that the duration of this License is 1 school year.

In the following link you can read the conditions of use of your license.

View license agreement

How do I know if my computer is 32 or 64 bit?

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