More details about your Toothed Chains Ref 111

If you have arrived here it is because you have our Toothed Chains container in front of you .

toothed chains

If so, congratulations because you have in front of you one of the materials par excellence for the development of the clamp and strength with the fingers . A fundamental job for the correct development of writing and all precision work done with the hands (eg tying shoelaces, threading a needle, tightening screws, etc.)

It is important that you know that these chains in their first use can be somewhat hard for the hands of a child . They are thus manufactured to guarantee their tension throughout their useful life, so you only have to join the chains in a fixed way for a few hours and thus they will gain the flexibility that your child needs. Still being tense enough so that they continue to help work the strength of the fingers when joining them.

toothed chains

By clicking on this link you have access to the Chains Use Guide:

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