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If you have arrived here it is because you have before you our Measurement Team "Los Metros"

If so, congratulations because you have before you the best material for the understanding and manipulation of the different units of measurement of Length, surface and volume.

Below we show you a demonstration video on how to assemble all the elements included in the box and some of its practical applications:

In addition, we also give them access to the Pedagogical Use Guide that includes the container and which has been developed by our educational team to explain all the possibilities that this equipment has.

This equipment has recently been renewed including more demonstrative and graded material so that the experience of the teacher and students in learning these concepts is more complete.

With this new content, manufactured and designed with the highest quality , the child and adult will be able to discover in a practical way the step and the relationship of the lower units of measurement to the higher ones, both in length, area and volume.

In addition, the teacher will discover that this new content can also be used with Multibase Material for counting comprehension activities . By clicking on the following image you can download a small demonstrative guide of the activities that can be done independently with this material.

This Measurement kit "The Meters" is one more element of all the instruments that LADO puts at your disposal for the work of manipulative mathematics.

The objective of these materials is the true understanding of the student of the basic concepts for the introduction to calculus. For this reason, we invite you to get to know other materials that work in the same line:

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Finally, we would like to give you the following introductory math activity sheets for 5-year-olds , which we are sure you will get great use out of. Click on the following image and print the one you want.

SIDE strips

If you want more sheets with these, combined with many other sheets of educational activities (manual dexterity, logic, knowledge of the environment, etc.), do not hesitate to consult our activity briefcases at the following link:


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