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If you have arrived here it is because you have our LADO Strips in front of you.

If so, congratulations because you have before you the best material for the introduction to calculus.

Math Manipulatives - Numbers in Color

As you will have been able to verify, the LADO Rules are divided on all their faces and numbered on one of them, a fundamental characteristic so that the child can understand the composition and decomposition of numbers and their formation through the aggregation of units.

The development as a parent or teacher that can be done with this material is practically infinite, with this material the child can discover the main bases of calculation in a practical way.

And so that you can start working with them, we provide you with the user guide, which you can download by clicking on the following image:

SIDE strips

As we tell you in this guide, at LADO we have also developed the Digital Method for working with LADO-Rules. With this method you will be able to have hundreds of exercises and explanations about working with Rules for the introduction to calculation, with the aim that you can do them on the table with your LADO Rules and on the digital support you use (tablet, computer, etc.)

If you are interested in knowing them, enter this link and enjoy a small DEMO where you will discover the two levels that we have.

Lastly, we would like to give you the following activity sheets for LADO Rulers , which we are sure you will get great use out of. Click on the following image and print the one you want.

SIDE strips

If you want more sheets like these, combined with many other sheets of educational activities (manual dexterity, logic, knowledge of the environment, etc.), do not hesitate to consult our activity briefcases at the following link:


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