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If you have arrived here it is because you have the LADO Sewn Plate in front of you.


If so, congratulations because you have before you the best material for the development of:

Manual dexterity, making series, developing creativity, etc.

As you will have been able to verify , all the material is manufactured with great detail to:

1. Match the button holes with the hole pattern on the plate, so that the buttons can be sewn in different ways on the plate. You would be surprised that in a vast number of boards on the market this cannot be done.

2. The finish of all the material is of high quality, without edges or cuts that prevent the needle and laces from passing easily and the child can carry out the work in a simple and pleasant way.

3. The buttons are made in different colors and with different holes, combining both characteristics so that it is a material that also serves to make series working on these two attributes.

By clicking on the following image you can download the User's Guide that accompanies the Sewing Plate, in which multiple activities are suggested for the development of manual dexterity, learning to make loops, carrying out series with buttons, etc.

We also manufacture many other materials that can be combined with the LADO stitching plate. We present the following:

- Small threadable

- More buttons, needles, laces

- Flexible plastic tape

Lastly, we would like to give you the following sheets of activities to do with the Sewing Plate , which we are sure you will get great use out of. Click on the following image and print the one you want.

If you want more sheets like these, combined with many other sheets of educational activities (manual dexterity, logic, knowledge of the environment, etc. for children from 3-6 years old), do not hesitate to consult our activity briefcases at the following link:


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