More details about your LADO Ref 626 Psychomotor Container Trolley

If you have arrived here, it is because you have our LADO Ref 626 Psychomotor Container Trolley in front of you.

If so, congratulations, because you have before you the container par excellence for the development of Gross Psychomotor Skills with your students. With its extensive content you can perform activities such as:

  • The ones you see in the video...

  • Or those that we suggest in our User Guide (click on the image to download).

side psychomotricity

We have just added a NEW to our Container that makes it even more interesting. These are Folding Jumping Hurdles/Obstacles .

Jumping is a simple physical activity, but very complete, which provides benefits both physically and psychologically.

Now this Kit includes, in addition to the hurdles that we can make with Bricks, spikes and double adapters, a new type of obstacle hurdles (folding) that facilitate jumping activities and prevent injuries if the obstacle is not overcome. , thanks to their hinges that allow them to fall completely flat to the ground at the moment they receive the slightest impact.

In addition, their size allows them to be stored one inside the other, taking up less space.

In addition to this new material, we continue to include our own contributions to the world of gross psychomotor skills in the Psychomotor Container Cart, such as El Empalme de picas.

spade palming

With this simple piece they can forget about the hassle of having such long pikes and not knowing where to keep them. Because using the pike joint they will have pikes as long as they need to make big jumps, even if they only have short 30 cm pikes. Find out more in the following video:

Here are some more images that can give you exercise ideas:

psychomotricity SIDE

psychomotricity side

psychomotricity sidepsychomotricity side

Lastly, if you have a student who is injured or who for some reason cannot perform physical activity , we give them some sheets of activities related to bodily skills, so that they can also work on related concepts. We hope you enjoy them.

For ages 3-4 years

For ages 4-5 years

For ages 5-6 years

Complementary LADO materials for the development of Gross Motor Skills that you may be interested in learning about:

1. Containers and Carts to place more material and transport it.

2. Crawling and climbing structures

3. In addition to spare parts of all the elements included in the cart in case you want to expand the material.

side psychomotricity

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