slices to chop
slices to chop

slices to chop

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36 Cardboard sheets for chopping activities:

There are two models:

Sheets type A "cut and decorate with the cord" are designed to be made with our LADO large punch, making large holes and marking them well in the large points on the sheet to later decorate them with a cord, thread, or piece of wool. For further decoration, you can also use our giant blunt-tipped sewing needles.

Type B "chop and cut" blades are designed to be made with our LADO small tip brass punch. With it we can make a finer and closer cut so that when following the profile of the figure we can later cut it and separate it from the cardboard as if it were scissors.

These works, combined with our chopping board, make chopping a very entertaining activity for children at the same time that they are developing their pre-writing skills.

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