Regletas con Caja graduada - Lado
Regletas con Caja graduada - Lado
Regletas con Caja graduada - Lado

Rules with Graduated Box

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The Cuisenaire Rules is a manipulative learning method of mathematics. The color - size - number relationship will allow us to learn numbers and start calculating with them.

LADO, in addition to providing you with the best rulers, presents you with the most useful packaging. Creating a 10x10 cm transparent graduated box with which the child will be able to understand the concept of ten, the composition and decomposition of 10 and a multitude of other exercises.

And why do we say that LADO Strips are the best? They are the best because they are Fraction them to help in the understanding of the numerical progression, and number them by one of their faces as a system Autocorrect for the child.

In addition, their sizes and colors are unalterable and therefore provide safety when used by children.

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