We play Boats with SIDE Pivots

Do you have Octopuses and Octopuses LADO? Do you know that apart from everything you do with them you can also play the Boats?

We tell you how...

1. The game consists of sinking the opponent's fleet. To do this, each player must place their own ships strategically and find and sink the opposing ships with their shots.

2. Each of the players has:

- 1 transparent perforated plate.
- 9 boats (2 octopus, 3 octopus and 4 octopus of the same color).
- 1 Sheet, which we must print, with the grid of the playing fields. (Download file here )
- 18 black squids to mark the opponent's ships sunk or touched and blue squids to mark the hits into the water.

Remember that the Octopuses are the pivots with 4 legs , the Octopuses are the ones with 2 legs and the Pulpines are the ones with only one leg .

3. We will place the two transparent plates joined together by two pulpits, and we will place the Dividing Sheet between them on which we have the name of the game printed, so that each player does not see the opponent's ships (as in the photo above). You can download the sheet by clicking here .

4. The sheets with the grid that represent the two playing fields will be placed under each transparent plate.

5. On the left side of the plate , where the sheet says "My ships", each player will place their ships strategically without touching each other. On the right side , the black squids will be placed throughout the game to write down the results of the successful shots, and with the blue ones to mark the failed shots.

6. Each player has a turn to shoot and they will alternate. To do so, he will say the coordinates in which he considers that the opponent's ships are located, for example “J6”, this means that his shot corresponds to the square that is in that coordinate.

7. The other player will check the result on his board :
- If there is no ship in the square, it will answer “water”.
- If part of a ship is found in the square, it will respond “touched”. In that case the player is entitled to a new shot in the same turn.
- If there is a one-square ship on the square or the last part of a ship already touched, it will respond “sunk” and will also have the right to a new shot.

8. The player who shoots records the results in the “his ships” area . If the shots are water, it will place a "blue pulpin" in the corresponding coordinate; If the opponent responds with "hit" or "sunken" to the shots, he will place the corresponding black pulpines. In this way each player will know which are the coordinates on which he has already shot.

9. The player who manages to sink the other's fleet first wins.

Click HERE and download the game templates.

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