We play Word Bingo:

Why not do a bingo where instead of calling numbers, we sing letters ?

The "I learn to read" suitcase in cursive has word cards, picture cards, and cards with all the letters of the alphabet loose. For this game, we will first take the tiles with words and pictures. The other cards (those that contain individual letters) we put in an opaque bag.

We give each student a "word card" and ask him to find the card with the "image" that corresponds to him from another pile. Once all the children find it, the bingo begins.

We will appoint an organizer of ceremonies, who will take out and sing out loud the token that he takes from the bag. Leaving the opportune time between letters for everyone to review their words. The chips that have been removed will be left in view of the other players.

The children, using plasticine balls or a small gomet, will cover the letters that the master of ceremonies has mentioned, only if his word contains them.

I learn to read SIDE

Once someone completes the word, they will call bingo. (if you have done well you will have won). The winner must go to the center and form the word with the tiles of the letters that have come out, in order to verify that they have done it correctly.


  • Revise the vocabulary studied.
  • Improve arbitrary and natural spelling
  • Work on the phoneme-grapheme association
  • Work with rotation and inversion errors in literacy


  • Visual and auditory discrimination
  • Attention
  • short term memory


  • I learn to read from SIDE Ref 302
I learn to read cursive

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