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We play Word Bingo:

Why not do a bingo where instead of calling numbers, we sing letters ? The "I learn to read" suitcase in cursive has word cards, picture cards, and cards with all the letters of the alphabet loose. For this game, we will first take the tiles with words and pictures. The other cards (those that contain individual letters) we put in an opaque bag. We give each student a "word card" and ask him to find the card with the "image" that corresponds to him from another pile. Once all the children find it, the bingo begins. We will appoint an organizer of ceremonies, who will take out and sing out loud the token that he takes from the bag....

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The lost word (italics)

The material that we are going to use for this game is: - He I learn to read in cursive . This briefcase includes letter cards, word cards that we call self-dictation, and picture cards. They all fit easily together. - Cardboard lectern. Simply by folding a piece of cardboard in the shape of a triangle, we will be able to support the chips without the rivals seeing them. We can play from 2 to 5 players. We will separate the yellow cards that contain drawing and we will put them in the center of the table. The rest of the chips will go face down to one side of the table. We remove the self-dictation tokens (yellow) since we will not...

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child language

Almost without realizing it, there comes a day when it happens. Suddenly, your child pronounces his first syllables, as if nothing had happened: ta-ta, ga-ga, pa-pa, ma-ma... The miracle of language is the result of complex learning, in which they put themselves in his brain, his ears, his vocal apparatus, and even his hands and his ability to gesticulate, work. And you, even if you don't know it, can do a lot to help him. "There are many research groups working on this, but there are still unresolved questions," explains Pilar Prieto, from the Department of Language Sciences at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Until now, for example, it was considered that the first syllables that babies babble around...

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Strokes, Letters, Numbers and Color

Prewriting is essential both for the later development of writing, and to generate an artistic interest in the child. Prewriting jobs are very varied but allow the child to focus their attention on a single activity, be more careful, set goals, develop precision with their fingers, develop their visual-motor (eye-hand) control, etc. Also doing it with fun activities. Next we leave you some fun sheets with varied strokes and drawings to color. If you want you can download the images in PDF to print, clicking here

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childhood dyslexia

A simple definition of dyslexia is: a problem in learning to read presented by children whose IQ is normal and in whom there are no other physical or psychological problems that could explain these difficulties. The term dyslexia is used to designate a set of causes, which manifest as difficulty distinguishing and memorizing letters or groups of letters, lack of order and rhythm in placement, poor sentence structure, etc. and that becomes evident both in reading and writing. It is important to detect dyslexia problems in order to contribute to their solution and not increase the problems that these children have in this crucial area of ​​learning in our education system. In practice, it is reflected as an inconvenience that...

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