The child will not stop playing because he does not have the toy he wants, his imagination prevents him from doing so.


"The game is always carried within the child, it is the treasure of the imagination"

¿el juego que le venden o el que le va a educar? Christmas is here and with it the purchase of thousands of gifts. Your children's toys are a fundamental part of their education that you can feed, so that we do not lose that trick. One only has to watch television during children's hours to realize the huge range of toys they see, but have you ever stopped to think that your child will never stop playing even if they don't have the latest model toy? Your imagination prevents you. Many times due to lack of time, not to complicate ourselves or not to hold back crying, we make our children dependent on certain games, dolls, cars or fashions, when in reality, even if they don't want to, their imagination will make them play with whatever. Buying toys is not easy precisely because the concern must be to find the game that best suits the motor and intellectual development of our child. Very few parents take advantage of these holidays to give them a craft game to develop their dexterity and manual ability, a letter game to reinforce their learning to read, or any basic logic game or game that the child may need to its development. They don't seem to realize that if they don't do it, nobody else will, because the rest of the family that doesn't educate them will always give them whatever they ask for.

María Asunción Prieto (Youth Deputy) recounts that two rooms were filled with toys, one with the most sophisticated mechanical toys -radio-controlled trains and cars, electric planes and tanks, little animals and dolls that jumped and ran, birds that sang, etc. .-, another with boxes, blocks, bricks, tools, mechanics, simple constructions, etc. Then a group of children of different ages were left free to choose. For the first few days, everyone went to the room with complicated toys. But then the other room caught their attention. And there they stayed. For weeks they played, built and entertained. Precisely with those elementary and simple toys that left more room for his initiative and imagination!

We are the ones who must decide while we can, what we want our son to invest his time in, because remember that he has a construction or just a couple of pencils, our son will never stop playing because his imagination prevents him. That is the true magic of children and that we seem to forget when we get older.

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