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It will not be compulsory to learn cursive in Finland, but the final decision is up to the schools.

Minna Harmanen, head of the Finnish National Institute of Education, explains to ABC that traditional calligraphy will not be mandatory, but handwriting with print will be maintained and the use of the keyboard will be encouraged. "Handwriting with a pen does not end, and is considered very important for acquiring skills and memory." This is how blunt Minna Harmanen, head ofthe Finnish National Institute of Education , is when asked if Finland is going to ban handwriting from its curriculum. The plans of this body dependent on the Finnish Ministry of Education were advanced by the Finnish newspaper Savon Sanomat and soon spread throughout the world. Finland, the model country for education in Europe , was displacing handwriting in favor...

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The child will not stop playing because he does not have the toy he wants, his imagination prevents him from doing so.

EDUCATING THEM IS ALMOST NEVER GIVING THEM WHAT THEY WANT... "The game is always carried within the child, it is the treasure of the imagination" Christmas is here and with it the purchase of thousands of gifts. Your children's toys are a fundamental part of their education that you can feed, so that we do not lose that trick. One only has to watch television during children's hours to realize the huge range of toys they see, but have you ever stopped to think that your child will never stop playing even if they don't have the latest model toy? Your imagination prevents you. Many times due to lack of time, not to complicate ourselves or not to hold back...

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If the didactic material is children's textbooks, why is it taxed at 21% and the other books at 4%?

While it is true that not all school supplies are for exclusive use in schools, since we all use erasers and pencils in the office and at home, it is also true that school supplies are not only reduced to that. Sticking to the children's area, along with all the consumable school supplies that parents buy at the beginning of the course (pencils, notebooks and backpacks...) there are also the teaching methods that schools buy, as if they were books, to explain how practical way the basic concepts to our children. For this reason, between the ages of 3 and 5, the age when a person learns the most, teachers use multiple materials, some free, such as leaves, stones, earth,...

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