Strokes, Letters, Numbers and Color

Prewriting is essential both for the later development of writing, and to generate an artistic interest in the child.
Prewriting jobs are very varied but allow the child to focus their attention on a single activity, be more careful, set goals, develop precision with their fingers, develop their visual-motor (eye-hand) control, etc. Also doing it with fun activities.
Next we leave you some fun sheets with varied strokes and drawings to color. If you want you can download the images in PDF to print, clicking here
graphs 3
graphs 4
graphs 5
graphs 6


  • LADO Material Didáctico

    Muchas gracias Evangelina. Puede ver mucho más sobre estos materiales en


  • evangelina carreño

    gracias por el material. se ve práctico para que los niños se inicien en el proceso de aprendizaje

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