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If you have arrived here, it is because you have our Learning to Read Suitcase, Cursive Letters in front of you.

If so, congratulations because you have before you the best material for learning:

Prewriting, phonological awareness and Literacy.

The briefcase includes:

108 linked cursive letter tiles (green color)

18 "self-dictated" word cards (yellow color)

18 drawing sheets. (Yellow color)

The different color of the tiles allows the child to quickly identify the tiles that correspond to loose letters with those that are not.

All the chips are made with a special design for their union in the form of a puzzle . This design makes the joining tabs very resistant and we can freely let the child fit them and struggle with them, thus developing their manual dexterity, strength with their hands and fingers, and hand-eye coordination.

There are many exercises that we can do with this material . Many of them are explained in the guide that accompanies the material and to which we give you access below.

I learn to read cursive

And many others will occur to you as you work with the material, such as:

- Write our names

- Put labels to the elements of the room.

- Copy the words from the self-dictation sheets and their pictures.

- Find opposites, synonyms, etc.

- Play the lost word. ( see instructions on our blog)

We also have recorded many videos with game ideas that we show you below:

Pre-reading games Part One:

Pre-reading games. Second part:

Let's play letter bingo:

Games to motivate reading and gain speed:

Other games to work reading comprehension:

The material that is included in the suitcase is an ideal material to create signs and posters that the child can move around the room and play games on the go without the words being disassembled. Here we propose a game with moving signs.

Finally, we want to remind you that this Briefcase goes hand in hand with our Pío-Pio Literacy Notebooks that accompany the child from the first strokes, in his Graphomotor notebook to a complete learning of fluent writing and Comprehensive Reading.

Combining the briefcase and the notebooks makes learning Literacy a very motivating and attractive moment for the child, who acquires this knowledge almost without realizing it, in a fun way and with clear and consolidated bases.

In this link you can see more information about the Pío-Pio Literacy Notebooks.

We can only thank you for using our material and if you have a minute, don't forget to rate our product on our website so that other people like you can learn about your experience.

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