Exercises of Negation and transformation of Attributes - Logic Blocks

Once you have worked freely with the blocks , as we indicated in our first article. And you have introduced the attribute sheets , working on them until the child has mastered them, you can move on to the Denial and attribute transformation exercises.


To do this, we rescued from the Attributes for Logic Blocks suitcase , the rest of the "Attribute Sheets" that at the beginning we told you to remove, that is, all those that do not have to do with color, shape, thickness, texture and the size. They are the following:

Negation and transformation of attributes Logical Blocks

These pieces help us to complicate the attribute differentiation exercises a bit more. We explain how:

The N for Negation will help us to deny an attribute, that is, if we put the "N" in front of the Red Attribute for the child, the blocks that will fulfill these attributes will be all those that are of any color except red. That is, we look for "Not Red" blocks SIDE Logic Block Attributes

The Denial token negates all attributes that come after it. We give you another example:

Logical Blocks Attributes

In this case we will have to look for the Large Squares that are not Green, that is, the correct result will be produced when the child separates all the large squares that are red, blue, and yellow .


Finally, the transformation exercises could be said to be the most complicated. We start by transforming a single block and then we increase it. We give you an example. We start from the Large , Green, Thick Circle for the Smooth Face and we propose the following transformation.

Attribute transformation exercises

The attribute cards indicate that " What is Big will become Small" , so the child must look for an equal but small block. That is to say, you must find the Circle, Small , Green, Thick, for the Smooth Face.

You can complicate these transformations with more Blocks and more transformation criteria as the child masters the system. Here is an example: Look at the transformation criteria indicated on the left and change the blocks that we propose for the new ones.

Change of attributes

As you will see at LADO we do not stop designing educational materials for the child. So if you liked this work with the Logical Blocks and their attributes, using our Digital Method you will hallucinate.

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