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"Read everything you find on your way, the street signs, the shops..." That's what my grandmother told me when I was learning to read and today, 45 years later, I still do it.

Why read? The need to read is a dogma that children have in their heads. We must read to learn, to succeed in studies, to inform ourselves, to know who we are, where we live, where we are going, to know the memory of the past, so as not to repeat the nonsense of grandparents, to escape, to find meaning in life, to save time, to take advantage of previous experiences, to illuminate our present, to understand the foundations of our civilization, to feed our curiosity, to distract ourselves, to inform us, to cultivate ourselves, to communicate, to exercise our critical spirit.  ...and why in silence? «Strange disappearance of reading aloud. What would Dostoevsky have thought of this? And Flaubert?...

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The child will not stop playing because he does not have the toy he wants, his imagination prevents him from doing so.

EDUCATING THEM IS ALMOST NEVER GIVING THEM WHAT THEY WANT... "The game is always carried within the child, it is the treasure of the imagination" Christmas is here and with it the purchase of thousands of gifts. Your children's toys are a fundamental part of their education that you can feed, so that we do not lose that trick. One only has to watch television during children's hours to realize the huge range of toys they see, but have you ever stopped to think that your child will never stop playing even if they don't have the latest model toy? Your imagination prevents you. Many times due to lack of time, not to complicate ourselves or not to hold back...

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Fine motor skills = manual ability

It is wrong to think that fine motor exercises are only done by those who have a developmental problem. Fine motor skills are worked naturally by all children while they play, the degree of work will depend on the game they play, but they will always be working when the game involves moving the hands, fingers and visual-manual coordination (directing the hand where the eye wants). However, although this is a natural development of the children, it is important that the father is concerned about seeing how his ability evolves and provides him with material and games so that he can develop it as well as possible. A correct development of this ability will allow the child, among other things,...

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If the didactic material is children's textbooks, why is it taxed at 21% and the other books at 4%?

While it is true that not all school supplies are for exclusive use in schools, since we all use erasers and pencils in the office and at home, it is also true that school supplies are not only reduced to that. Sticking to the children's area, along with all the consumable school supplies that parents buy at the beginning of the course (pencils, notebooks and backpacks...) there are also the teaching methods that schools buy, as if they were books, to explain how practical way the basic concepts to our children. For this reason, between the ages of 3 and 5, the age when a person learns the most, teachers use multiple materials, some free, such as leaves, stones, earth,...

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Child stimulation: It does not take so much time and its benefits are innumerable

"At birth, all of their babies' organs – heart, lungs, kidneys – are fully developed. They are only smaller than adult organs. With one exception: the brain. Between the sixth week and the fifth month of pregnancy, approximately 100 billion brain cells develop in a baby's brain! Some of these brain cells are connected at birth, but most are not. Precisely, during the first five years of life, the infant brain makes a great effort to establish these brain connections. Have you ever seen what happens when you walk over and over again in the same direction in deep snow or tall grass? A path is formed. Something similar happens as the brain develops. Every time your babies use one...

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