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Strokes, Letters, Numbers and Color

Prewriting is essential both for the later development of writing, and to generate an artistic interest in the child. Prewriting jobs are very varied but allow the child to focus their attention on a single activity, be more careful, set goals, develop precision with their fingers, develop their visual-motor (eye-hand) control, etc. Also doing it with fun activities. Next we leave you some fun sheets with varied strokes and drawings to color. If you want you can download the images in PDF to print, clicking here

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Exercise Sheets with SIDE Rules

Because the most important thing in education is that they understand it, they can try it and have fun, we leave you exercises so they can practice and have fun with their rules. You can also download them in Pdf by clicking on the following links: Free chips Rules from 1 to 5 Free chips Rules from 6 to 9 The ideal material to work with these sheets and have fun in a safe and enriching way is the following: Graduated Box. 33 Rules (Ref 220) Can 52 Rules (Ref 219) Suitcase Working with Strips (Ref 217) Jar with 305 Rules (Ref 218)

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It will not be compulsory to learn cursive in Finland, but the final decision is up to the schools.

Minna Harmanen, head of the Finnish National Institute of Education, explains to ABC that traditional calligraphy will not be mandatory, but handwriting with print will be maintained and the use of the keyboard will be encouraged. "Handwriting with a pen does not end, and is considered very important for acquiring skills and memory." This is how blunt Minna Harmanen, head ofthe Finnish National Institute of Education , is when asked if Finland is going to ban handwriting from its curriculum. The plans of this body dependent on the Finnish Ministry of Education were advanced by the Finnish newspaper Savon Sanomat and soon spread throughout the world. Finland, the model country for education in Europe , was displacing handwriting in favor...

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Stay young, activate more brain areas...

Neurologists and educational psychologists warn of the risk of replacing notebooks with new technologies The ease with which the little ones adapt to the “digital age” is amazing. The smartest, barely three years old, are already capable of typing their name into their parents' mobile phones and sending it, along with a bunch of icons, via WhatsApp, to the delight of their proud parents. And the educational plans themselves increasingly encourage the use of new technologies, so that the tablet begins to be as common a tool as the notebook had always been. Apparently, you would think that this is how they learn to recognize letters earlier and it seems that the long hours that previous generations invested in calligraphy...

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Don't repeat the Father's Day gift every year...

Why not make some simple coasters, give a new image to a recycled boat, or make a beautiful pencil case/necessary bag? These are some of the ideas that we give you for the crafts in which they put the most love... Father's and Mother's Day are approaching! Share this article with a teacher who gives us their opinion and we will send you some coasters for you. HOW TO MAKE A BEAUTIFUL COASTER Colored coasters to avoid staining the tables. Materials: Colored plastic tapes. A wooden toothpick to start rolling the Ribbon Scotch tape. Process: We will start by rolling the Ribbon around a toothpick. When we have several turns, we will remove the toothpick and continue rolling. We must...

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